John 3:16

About Us

The WhoZnext® was created by a barber and an IT manager with 30 plus years of combined experience.

Imagine a world where customers could add themselves to a waiting list from anywhere. No more waiting around at the shop or in front of a restaurant. WhoZnext® was created to preserve one of God's most precious gifts - TIME

Clients Speak and We Listen:

A number of our clients who like our queuing system requested an appointment system. So we introduced the "Managed Individual" profile. This allows clients to schedule appointments up to 30 days in the future. The Businesses also requested the option to schedule multiple appointments at the same time, so we added the option for "Multiple Bookings" option.

In February 2015 we were asked to create a system designed for a Shop to allow a Manager to view and manage the staff's appointments. 2 Months later the"Managed Shop" Profile was created and in production.

In short, An IT Consultant and a Barber / Entrepreneur have collaborated to provide you scalable system that was designed to meet all of our needs.